Elevators New York

Elevators of New York is a Bathe Safe Company.  We can provide home elevators and VPLs for both residential and commercial locations. Bathe Safe Elevators of New York specializes in the sale, installation, and service of residential elevators and is proud to represent the finest home elevator and residential elevator manufacturers in the industry. We also offer only the best in VPL and Wheelchair lifts.


Wheelchair lifts or VPLs are great in a home, school, church, or stadium, wheelchair lifts, also known as vertical lifts, are a means of providing access and independence to those individuals in wheelchairs. Elevating Systems & Services is experienced in the sale, installation, and service of numerous types of wheelchair lifts.Providing barrier-free access does not have to involve major construction. We provide inclined platform lifts that can accomodate curved stairs, multi level stairs and stairs with intermediate landings.

Residential elevators are not expensive when you consider the benefits and resale value to your investment. An elevator that meets all safety requirements will start closer to $18,000 to $20,000 installed. Do not be fooled by elevators you can buy on the internet for a lot less. Safety, reliability, and service are key to enjoying your elevator for years to come, and you will pay more for the guarantee. We represent 5 different companies who have been in business for many years. To have the privilege to sell their products, we meet all of their requirements for financial stability, qualified personnel, and service.